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Mr Lambo Classic Green Bomber Jacket

    7Day return policy for store credit .

    48 Hr Return Policy for all orders Shipping cost not included . We reserve the right to refuse any refunds or returns on a case by case basis. Full refunds may be subjected to a 10% restocking free

    No Refunds for pay later orders only store credit. Exchanges shipping labels are free .

                                                                                   We are 100% independent black owned clothing brand.We offer the best quality street wear at a reasonable price point,customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our return policy are commonly use in similar retail stores I hope you understand. thank you for shopping with Mr Lambo & co ⚡️🐆.


    Mr Lambo & company is a 100% Black owned  Luxury street wear brand rooted in the gritty  yet fashionable concrete jungle we call home, Brooklyn New York . Fashion has always been a way for US to express ourselves it’s embedded in our very fabric it’s how we make friend it’s how we communicate to the world. Our mission is to continue that conversation by simply adding our raw unique colorful and innovative designs to the “Sauce” that crowned NYC the fashion capital of the world. We also are integrating limited NFT digital art with each capsule release .We understand NFT digital art and the Metaverse are the future of fashion and plan to be at the forefront of it . We are here to inspire and provoke creativity in the minds of the youth. Fashion is a continued conversation from an already thought of idea nothing is original we are just here to add our special ingredient to the “sauce “ . So we plan on having fun doing it while inspiring the culture and leaving our graffiti on the world of fashion. 

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